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Spring on the Trailway

These are images from March 2019 and have been taken with an iPhone 8+ or a Fujifilm XT-2 with a cheap Meike lens.

These images are part of a continuing series exploring the disconnect I feel from my  environment, in a way I never did when I lived in London. Despite being surrounded by countryside, I often feel it is all barred to me in some way. I am trying to represent that in this first image.

The other images are unedited at the moment.

SarahScott516860_march_ride_2019 (5 of 37)
Image edited in Instagram
SarahScott516860_march_ride_2019 (12 of 37)SarahScott516860_march_ride_2019 (16 of 37)SarahScott516860_march_ride_2019 (30 of 37)SarahScott516860_march_ride_2019 (31 of 37)SarahScott516860_march_ride_2019 (9 of 37)

I used to live on the outskirts of London in a place called Northwood; I suppose the name suggests what the environment was like! I had access to various woods, fields and parks where I lived. There was always a green space to go to and I would walk my dog in the woods most days. Here in Dorset I feel that is lacking. I can get to woodland but I have to drive, and the local woodland is either accessed from a private road or is part of the National Trust.  I don’t think people should have to pay for access to National Trust woodland. I have National Trust membership but I feel it’s unfair for those who cannot afford it.

Anyway, the old railway line which is part of the North Dorset Trailway, the Milldown and Stour Meadows (a large part of which I think is owned by Hall and Woodhouse Brewery) are now my main open spaces. I appreciate all of them, but I miss walking in proper woodland. Parts of the trailway are the closest I come to the deciduous woodlands I miss so much. I find the rest of the countryside beautiful, but often very stark and unreachable.



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