A Roll of Fuji Colour Film, November 2018

Most of these images were taken in November 2018.

They were shot on an old Canon AE-1 that I picked up on eBay. I think they were all shot using the 50mm prime lens that came with the camera.

The film is Fujicolor C200 and I sent the film away for processing and printing as in my opinion, life is too short to process colour film at home.

They’re all taken near my home, and as usual I’ve tried to be quite experimental. My favourite shots are the ones of my son in the bookshop and I also like the shopping trolley and the clouds that I’ve used for the featured image. I think the colour of the film has worked well for those. For the trees, it’s left the colour of the leaves fairly muted but although I wasn’t happy with that at the time, I’m quite pleased with it now.

The camera’s metering system is not fully working and so I had to spend time working out what aperture and shutter speed combinations to use, but after a few rolls I started to develop an intuition about what would probably work. It does get easier and faster over time!

So today it’s really bright and sunny here in Dorset and so I’m planning on shooting a roll of the same film with the same camera. I think it’s worked well for autumnal shots, but I wonder how brighter, sunnier days will read?



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