Slide Film from London, 2001

These were taken on a Canon EOS 300 in about 2001, on cheap Boots Colour Slide film. They were scanned quite a long time ago on an Epson flatbed scanner. They scanned quite dark, but I’m guessing slide film would do that because they were meant to be backlit.

These images represent some of my very early work, when I was just starting to get seriously into photography. I will probably re-scan them soon on more up-to-date equipment.

These are my three favourites:

Outside The British Museum
The Houses of Parliament

These images give me an insight into how far I have come as a photographer. My photographic practice has matured, and although I took a break from serious photography when I had my children, I have managed to push myself in the past few years. I have developed a plethora of new photographic skills and found new ways of seeing and thinking about photography as an art. I can also see that I am more creative now than I have ever been.

I shoot in London fairly frequently. As well as exploring parts of the city I’m not so familiar with, I always make time to revisit the familiar too. It’s a really useful practice to go back to the same sites again and again; it forces you to come up with new, more creative ways to see your environment. In fact, my photography tutor said you should always make a point of revisiting the familiar in any subject, it really does help your eye to develop and you take more risks.

The images here are views of St Paul’s Cathedral and The Thames, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Horse Guards (Whitehall), and Trafalgar Square.

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