Flowers on Fuji Colour Film

A Photographic Subject to Explore

These images were taken with a Canon EOS 300 using Fuji colour film at Kingston Lacy NT in Wimborne, late summer 2018.

This gallery contains a mix of film scans and photo scans and so the quality is variable and you can see there are some white lines and haze in some of the images which I think are the film scanner versions.

These two photographs are my favourites:

film summer 2018 5 (1)
film summer 2018 2

I like the slight colour cast in the images from this film. It’s got quite a gentle feel which I think adds to florals and gives the sense of an overcast day (which it was).

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Photographer, writer, web developer, tea drinker, collector of old cameras and books, obsessed with Polaroids, plays classical violin and cello. Lives in Dorset, UK.

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