Ageing Photos on Plaster

If you want a step-by-step on transferring images to plaster see this post.

I decided to experiment by transferring some images onto plaster: I printed the images using a laser printer, coated them with acrylic gel, and transferred them onto a plaster surface.

I kept them outside on a windowsill during the summer, and my plan was that they would degrade when exposed to the elements and that this, now I’m well into my 40s, would express my own ageing process in some way.

So what’s happened? The plaster itself has started to disintegrate on the edges, although the main block of it is still totally solid. All image transfers have bubbled; I’ve left it alone although I could sand it and give it a nice textural quality. It also looks like the colour of the surface has altered, it looks a bit colder, a bit bluer.

I like that the image sits on the plaster like a skin, and that the skin is showing signs of age. I also like the disintegration throughout with the block intact but gradually breaking down. Although it was a trial for an idea, I think it says what I wanted it to.


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