A Photographic Diary: March 2020

iPhone 8+: Kingston Lacy, Dorset March 2020

March 2021 Update: This set of images represent a last trip out before lockdown was introduced in the UK in March 2020. I was looking for signs of spring as a way to feel some hope in the face of pandemic, in the knowledge that there would be a lockdown, but not really understanding what that meant. There were rumours of not being allowed into your own garden, of being shut indoors without escape for months on end, rumours of troops on the streets of London. It was all very stressful and I wanted to get out and see some colour and life while I still could.

3 thoughts on “A Photographic Diary: March 2020

  1. It’s all very worrying, but your photos are beautiful, and to use a cliche (which happens to be true) nature is a great healer. We’ll get through this.


    1. Thank you Val. I find it hard to think I might not be able to get to local gardens soon so I think I’m going to use the time to work on my own garden so I still have beauty and nature around me. Stay well x

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