Web Development

I used to code websites with HTML, CSS and Java Script by hand in the very early days of the web when Java Script was just developing. I’ve done quite a bit of coding over the years including websites for both business and charity clients. Now I’m at the point where I want to brush up on my web development skills so I can take on back end as well as front end web development.

I decided to brush up on my front end skills first and have been doing some web development bootcamp courses; in one of them there was a code along using Bootstrap called Museum of Candy. I thought it was a bit more unusual than some Bootstrap sites I’ve seen in the past, which can be a bit generic, so it’s convinced me that maybe Bootstrap is not such a bad idea after all.

As I liked the style of the site, I made my own version which is a Solar System site – well, I did do Astronomy and Planetary Science as a degree subject! It’s not a full site, and is just for fun, but it is very responsive; depending on your screen size the position of the elements will change, and so will the content. This is a lot more responsive than the original Museum of Candy code along I worked with. I’ll add more pages to this site as I go along, I’m hoping to include a space invaders game when I’ve brushed up on Java Script.

I used images from NASA and the text was rewritten, mainly from the NASA site but also from some books on astrology (yes, I do mean astrology not astronomy). I thought it might be interesting to add some detail about astrological associations and planetary glyphs, but you won’t see that detail if you’re on your phone. There is video on the site, but you need to be on a computer rather than phone or tablet to access that. Unfortunately I can’t embed the sites on WordPress, but if you’d like to see them just click on the images.

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