Film Photography: Instant Film

I feel that something fundamental goes missing from my experience of photography when I find myself shooting exclusively in digital. As soon as I realised that, I set up a temporary darkroom at home. I started shooting and developing a lot of film, printing from negatives and being a lot more experimental. But one thing I didn’t do was use much instant film. Instant Film A … Continue reading Film Photography: Instant Film

Film Photography: My Story So Far

When I started photography digital photography was not wide-spread. My first proper camera was a Canon EOS 300. (No, not a 300D, just a 300). Apart from my house, my car and my wedding dress, it was the most expensive thing I’d ever bought. It wasn’t really very good; I think you can pick them up on eBay now for less than £10. As well … Continue reading Film Photography: My Story So Far

A Roll of Fuji Colour Film, November 2018

Most of these images were taken in November 2018. They were shot on an old Canon AE-1 that I picked up on eBay. I think they were all shot using the 50mm prime lens that came with the camera. The film is Fujicolor C200 and I sent the film away for processing and printing as in my opinion, life is too short to process colour … Continue reading A Roll of Fuji Colour Film, November 2018

Joan Fontcuberta Workshop

A Workshop at The Martin Parr Foundation Yesterday I got myself up to Bristol, to the Martin Parr Foundation, for a workshop with Joan Fontcuberta. For some reason I wasn’t expecting to walk through the door and have Martin Parr standing there; that was a bit of a shock if I’m honest. By lunchtime he was buying pasties and making everyone tea and coffee. People … Continue reading Joan Fontcuberta Workshop