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The Main Event: Photography

The Epic Compendium is about sharing a love of photography. It’s about creative inspiration, new ideas to explore, unique ways to present your images, photography hacks, and how to use photography as a therapeutic tool to help you discover more about yourself & your world.

I’ll also be giving you some insight into the art, science and history of photography – where it all started, how to read a photograph, looking at how you can level up your image making & featuring photographers you should know.

This isn’t yet another photography site about having to have the most expensive camera gear, the latest equipment & having the time & money to travel to exotic locations to get pixel perfect but, let’s face it, quite boring shots.

Sharing the Love of Photography.

Here’s a taster of what you can find…

Analog includes 120 & 35mm film, darkroom tips, Polaroids & other instant films.

Digital explores the creative opportunities of digital cameras, scanners & software.

Alternative looks at camera-less photography techniques & simple camera construction.

Whether it’s selfies or portraits, ideas for people.

Re-imagining your favourite places.

All sorts of ways to photograph all sorts of things.

Moving images beyond the screen.

Making books of photos, making books with photos.

Apps, film, augmented reality. All sorts of experiments.

On the Blog: Life as a Photographer

This is everything else, like film & cinema, photography books, photography & environment, life as a photographer plus some general bits & bobs that don’t fit anywhere else!

Sharing Life. Sharing Love. Sharing Happiness.

But being a bit sarcastic about it.

And what else?

Well, what else is there? Oh yeah – me.

You can hire me; this is where you’ll find out about what services I can offer.