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The images from Barbed are part of a continuing series exploring the disconnect I feel from my  environment since moving to Dorset nearly 19 years ago.

I used to live on the outskirts of London in a place called Northwood; I suppose the name suggests what the environment was like! I had access to various woods, fields and parks where I lived. There was always a green space to go to, and I would walk my dog in the woods most days.

Now, living in Dorset, despite being surrounded by countryside I often feel it is all barred to me in some way. I am trying to represent that in this series of images, one of which is presented here.

When I look at this image, it describes perfectly how I feel about Dorset.

As well as the idea that there is a barrier between me and the countryside, there is a wider feeling that there is a ‘good life’ that I can see, just on the other side of the fence with beautiful blue skies and green fields – the epitome of happiness, ¬†but for some reason it remains out of reach.

I present more of this work on my site,  sarahcassinscott.com

SarahScott516860_march_ride_2019 (5 of 37)
Image edited in Instagram

A Lonely Poppy on the North Dorset Trailway

A Photographic Diary, July 2019

In case you were hoping for images of fields full of poppies, this post isn’t it. The majority of the field looked like this…

But what made me pause mid-cycle, get off my bike and get my iPhone out was this single plant, its petals saturated a deep red because of the slightly overcast weather.

I’ve not altered the blown-out highlights in the sky of this first image to illustrate that this issue forced me to change my viewpoint, and ultimately resulted in better shots. There was a barbed fence in the way, so I couldn’t get as close to the poppies as I’d have liked to, but for a quick set of images captured on my iPhone I’m reasonably pleased with them.