Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

It was visiting Salisbury that originally convinced me that I could live without London; it really is a beautiful place. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve visited the cathedral over the years. Sometimes I’m there as a tourist to take photos, see the Magna Carta, eat in the cafe which spills out into the cloisters or buy trinkets in the shop, other … Continue reading Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

Highgate Cemetery, London

Highgate Cemetery website If you’re visiting London and you want to escape into a cool, green space while learning something interesting and being somewhere a bit different, Highgate Cemetery is the place to go. I’ve been twice so far. The first time it was a beautiful sunny day; in photography terms this meant a lot of contrast to deal with. The second time it was … Continue reading Highgate Cemetery, London

Joan Fontcuberta Workshop

A Workshop at The Martin Parr Foundation Yesterday I got myself up to Bristol, to the Martin Parr Foundation, for a workshop with Joan Fontcuberta. For some reason I wasn’t expecting to walk through the door and have Martin Parr standing there; that was a bit of a shock if I’m honest. By lunchtime he was buying pasties and making everyone tea and coffee. People … Continue reading Joan Fontcuberta Workshop